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These four are my inspiration :)

Freezing time - even if it's just for a moment
You really need to take careful consideration when choosing your photographer - as these are once in a lifetime memories! The art of photography to me is much more than just producing pictures on paper. My hope is that the images captured during your session will be treasured works of art for years to come. Being able to freeze time is a gift.

My mom told me I always had a camera in my hand for as long as she could remember. I only have one family picture growing up that was taken a few months before my dad passed away. If it weren't for that picture, I wouldn't have a single one with him! I think that is why I was always the one wanting to document every family moment with my camera!

This passion followed me into motherhood and I'm grateful for it every day! I always thought I would never forget the way my kids looked but now looking back at pictures - I realize I DID forget the little things! I smile so big and my heart is full when I look at their pictures.

Now I'm sure you've said that you will never forget how your child looked … smiled so big with their toothless grin … sucked their thumb/fingers while holding onto their blankie … well I'm here to sadly tell you that you probably will forget. But no worries - I am here to help!

I want to capture the "real” pictures - you know the ones - the images that make you smile, laugh, even cry! Your newborn will change so quickly! Their peely skin makes you cringe now but after it's gone – you'll miss it!

Time flies so don't waste any more time … schedule an appointment with me!


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